Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some Pictures from Macon

Chapter presidents spent the day in Macon, Ga visiting all the amazing sites and seeing ADPi history. Here are some pictures from the day. Be on the lookout for a blog post in the future.

Chapter presidents at the Cannonball House

Stained glass that hangs in our parlor room

some Adelphean Society badges

The Cannonball House porch.

Some incoming LCs visiting Eugenia's grave.

The Alpha Delta Pi Fountain at Wesleyan College.

Chapter presidents jumping in!

Community Building at IMPACT

This Small Town activity created a lot of chatter in the ballroom.
When we say the word community, what do you think that means?

IMPACT collegians talked about shared beliefs, dependability in this Saturday morning session which focused on community and how you can strengthen your chapter's community next fall.

Leaders discuss the goals of their own personal
part of the town.
Small Town USA, a learning activity not the country song, challenged the collegians of the newly formed Diamond Town, Lion Town and Violet Town. Different pride groups worked together to discuss the needs of their own individual parts of the town, working together to create a cohesive unit.

Observers were also picked in each groups to listen and then comment to the group about how each town worked together.

Each groups discussed with the whole session what went right, and what could have been improved, in each session.

Co-Facilitator Adam Cantley said that this exercise is really an exercise in trust.

"You have to a level of trust for this to work, and you have to have trust for your sisterhood to work," He said.

IMPACT Attendees will have one more session tomorrow morning and most will be visiting Executive Office or the Georgia Aquarium this afternoon.

Were you in this session this morning? What did you think of activity? Tell us below in the comments!

Just That Old Sweet Song...

By: Jackie Mills Co-Recruitment Director, District IV
Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors?
See my Top Five!

Maybe it was the Southern accents or the blast of humidity that told me I was officially in Atlanta! (Possibly the Savannah Candy Company in the terminal with fresh pralines too. Ha Ha!)

This is me with some of my favorite ADPis.
Classy and fabulous always!
Every time I come back to Atlanta, it feels like home. Leadership Seminars (and Grand Conventions too) are like coming back home to see your old friends--and picking up where you left off without skipping a beat!

Today was a jam-packed day of meetings in individual programming teams for IOs. Want to know what goes on behind-the-scenes? 

Here's my Top Five for Friday!

1.    Programming teams had approximately eight hours to meet. (Whoa!) In our RD Session, we had a list of objectives, prioritized and delegated projects, and brainstormed about new marketing ideas. (Be excited! Fun things are always in the works!)

2.    Your favorite RDs also met with the Panhellenic Relations Directors (PRDs) to review Release Figure Method (RFM) procedures and statistics. This was super helpful information--and will be great for setting goals with chapters this year. (Watch for that, RVPs!)

3.    In between sessions, of course a quick trip to Gift Mart was necessary (50% off? Holla!) Of course, we all had to have a meal break and glam it up for the all-Leadership Seminar picture. (I'm way in the back. Look for the pink and pearls when it is online.)

ADPis love to shop, especially when everything is on sale!
4.    Meeting face-to-face was super fun and energizing--the RDs were able to bounce ideas off once another, troubleshoot issues, and remind ourselves of why we love recruitment so much. Basically, we laughed. A lot. We even ended up having dinner with the Total Membership Education (TME) Directors to brainstorm on overlapping areas. Yay for being productive!

      5.    And...waking up for 8:30 AM meetings is SO worth it to hang out with cool RDs. (Please reference the picture of Ryan Gosling.)

I am LOVING my time in ATL! As always, be sure to say "Hi!" and follow me at @JackieSueMills

Friday, June 29, 2012

Shopping Galore at the Renaissance

Sorority Spirit and Gift Mart
The Renaissance Concourse Hotel is a shopper's paradise this year for Leadership Seminar.

A mountain of cups from
Gift Mart!
Gift Mart is hosting a 50% off sale and items are selling fast! T-shirts, tote bags, stationery, tumblers and much more are a steal. We've seen sisters stocking up on all the great ADPi items.

We also have other licensed vendors here at LS. Sorority Spirit is here with some great apparel items and other fun little ADPi gifts.
For those with jewels on the mind, Herff Jones is here and they're debuting their new line of ADPi fine jewelry.

Don't forget to stop by the various areas, IMPACT attendees on Saturday, to check out some of the great ADPi items you can rock back in your hometown and campus.

Have you purchased something from our vendors this weekend? What item do you want most? Let us know in the comments!

Herff Jones jewelry 

Adelphean Compass- Leading with Vision

Pi Pi ADPi, Like it Love It ADPi

Chanted in unison by every chapter president who was attending the Leading with Vision session of Adelphean Compass.

The session, facilitated by Dawn Victor-Herring and Tracy Carson, explored the creation of a vision that chapter presidents will create not only for themselves as leaders but also for their respective chapters.

Before the facilitators talked about creating a vision, they touched back on some of the lessons learned in the previous sessions. Chapter presidents introduced themselves among their table mates and discussed what it meant to lead with vision.

Maureen Orth, Alpha Eta-Kansas State University, said that executive committee is not the only members who should be on board with their visionary goal but rather the whole chapter.

"At the end of the day, the whole chapter needs to be in motion," she said.

Members were challenged to reflect about their chapters and pinpoint chapter goals with some sisters discussing their own personal goals to the group. Sisters spontaneously participated saying poignant phrases like "take pride in your chapter and others will take pride in your chapter too" and "developing and inspiring leaders."

Chapter presidents then worked on constructing their goals and shared some of their ideas with the group. Victor-Herring and Carson were encouraging the collegians to be themselves and don't hold back their feelings.

"We want you to feel comfortable," Victor-Herring said.

The sessions in this program build on one-another, as well as, the pre-work the members completed before Leadership Seminar.

Be sure to be on the lookout for more updates including one on their trip to Macon.

Are you participating in Adelphean Compass? Tell us below in the comments!

IMPACT's First Sessions

IMPACT getting started!
IMPACT attendees braved the coffee shop lines and walked into the ballroom. With pop tunes blaring and  tables of sisters from all over the country, the emerging leaders sat down and chatted with each other, excited to start the first day of sessions.

International President Tammie Pinkston
greeting collegians. 
International President Tammie Pinkston weaved around the ballroom tables conversing and laughing with the collegians, with some members tweeting the pres. is in the house! Ms. Pinkston spoke to the program welcoming the attendees.

"I want to remind you that you're an emerging leader," She said. "We're expecting great things from. you.

Ms. Pinkston went on to say that Alpha Delta Pi is a lifetime commitment and that your stewardship starts here.

Next the co-facilitators spoke to the attendees and both expressed their excitement.

"I'm a huge ADPi fan," co-facilitator Adam Cantley exclaimed. "I know we're going to have a great week."

The co-facilitators went on to explain what Alpha Delta Pi expects from the attendees, as well as, the great opportunity these college women have this weekend.

"This is an opportunity to get to know 139 of your sisters from around the country," Co-Facilitator Annie Durant said. "And also get to know your facilitators."

Some of IMPACT's amazing facilitators. 
IMPACT is all about participation and we're encouraging attendees to join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #ADPiLS2012 and mention @IMPACT_ADPi.

"If you have a great point, we want to hear what you have to say," Durant said.

These tweets will even be displayed during all meal times and some may even be featured in an upcoming issue of the Adelphean.

Now the attendees are broken up into their pride groups for the weekend. Fun names for the groups, penguins, books, crayons, cars, apples are scattered around the room playing team-building games and led by two facilitators, an ADPi and one of our ADPi friends. Beach balls are lobbed and hula hoops lifted while attendees learn how to work in their new groups with their facilitators.

Pride Group members discuss a session. 
Be on the lookout for more updates from the IMPACT program. We will be sharing updates all weekend!

Are you an IMPACT Attendee this weekend? Tell us how the first sessions went below in the comments! 

The start of LS for the New LCs

By: Megan Stroup, Leadership Consultant

Welcome to Leadership Seminar, ladies! I hope your first evening was wonderful and you’ve already gotten to meet a lot of new sisters. I got to meet some very exciting women earlier this week: my fellow 2012-2013 Leadership Consultants! 

After months of Facebooking and tweeting, waiting to meet each other, the nine of us were finally together at Memorial Headquarters on Tuesday. Our first task in Atlanta was to shoot a video for Alpha education in the upcoming year. Be sure to look for us on Bid Day! We also had the pleasure of dining with Grand Council that evening and, of course, staying up to the wee hours of the morning getting to know one another.

The incoming Leadership Consultants at Memorial Headquarters!
Since our initial meeting on Tuesday, we have been very busy preparing for our chapter and colony visits this year. So far, we’ve had trainings in four separate areas:

We met with Mrs. Beth Mannle at Memorial Headquarters on Wednesday morning to discuss our individual personalities and strengths. This session was a perfect introduction to consultant training because we learned so much about one another and were able to share our most influential chapter experiences.

That afternoon, we arrived at the Renaissance Concourse and had another session with Mrs. Lindy Lutz Cash on image, including individual perceptions and chapter branding. Mrs. Cash shared some great activities for us to try with chapters, so you might get to see one or two this year!

Thursday was another busy day, as we met with Mrs. Tracy Carson in the morning to discuss our upcoming year and how to stay healthy on the road, both mentally and physically and in maintaining our relationships. Those of you attending Adelphean Compass will have the privilege of hearing Mrs. Carson speak, and trust me: she is a great presenter!

Finally, Mrs. Beth Wright gave us an overview of the Release Figure Method. We had a million questions and learned so much about the inner workings of recruitment and the methods used at different schools. This was a very important session because our first visits this fall will be all about recruitment, and we definitely want the right tools to help each chapter be as successful as possible.

Thursday evening, the Leadership Consultants participated in the sister mixer and dinner with the chapter presidents, advisors and International Officers, and we will be participating in the regular Adelphean Compass programming for the rest of the weekend. Please come say hi if you see us, and follow us on Twitter for updates of our experience (see handles below)!

Can't you tell we like hugs! you might get one if we come
to your chapter :)

From left:
Mary Simeoli, Theta Theta (@MSimeoli)
Ashley Luizzo, Epsilon Rho (@ashluizzo)
Jessica Johnson, Eta Rho (@JJJohnsonnnn)
Brittany Walker, Eta Pi (@bwalkitout_)
Caroline Harlan, Epsilon Psi (@CarolineHarlan)
Rose DeLarme, Beta Alpha (@rdelarme)
Megan Stroup, Alpha Gamma (@mcstroup)
Laura Stewart, Zeta Mu (@NoStewFoYou)
Eryn Shannon, Zeta Theta (@eryn_danielle)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

ADPi bags, lugagge, and flights oh my!

Rachel, Executive Office intern, with their beautiful homemade sign 

Alysse and the other interns will be at the
airport waiting for the LS attendees!

What a great day it is to meet all of our Leadership Seminar attendees! We are so excited to see all of our wonderful sisters walking through the airport sporting ADPi bags, t-shirts, and luggage.

Don't know your way around the airport just yet? Wondering how to get to your hotel? Just look for us, the interns, and our Alpha Delta Pi sign and we will guide you in the right direction. We would love for you to stop by, say hello, and share what you are most excited for at Leadership Seminar.

Good luck catching flights, we will see you in Atlanta soon enough!

Executive Office Interns

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Social Media

It's 1 day until LS for collegians!
IOs and Grand Council are already here!
 Alpha Delta Pi’s social media channels will be dedicated to all things Leadership Seminar this weekend.

ADPi will be tweeting, Facebook posting, uploading Instagram pics and updating this blog morning, noon and night. So be sure to follow our pages for up to the minute info!

Most importantly, join the conversation! Tweet us (using the hashtag #ADPiLS2012), write on our Facebook wall. Comment on our blog posts, we want to hear (and see—so snap away) about all the fun you’re having at LS.

See everyone soon!



There’s a reason Atlanta is called Hotlanta, it’s going to be a hot summer weekend for LS.

For those going to Macon on Saturday, please bring lightweight clothing. It’s going to be in the upper 90s and we will be outside walking around while we visit the various landmarks.

For those with a free Saturday afternoon, these temps and small chance of rain will make a perfect pool day, but don’t forget the sunscreen.

When we’re inside, however, don’t forget your sweater. It may be hot outside but hotel ballrooms can be dreadfully chilly.

We hope this weather info gives those last-minute packers some help in filling those suitcases. We can’t wait to meet all the Collegians tomorrow. Safe Travels!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to make the most out of LS

LS is a great time to make new friends from all over
the U.S. and Canada.

Leadership Seminar is two days away. We’ve been looking forward to this for months and we know most of you have been looking forward to it too. The one question we think, at lease we hope, is on most attendees’ minds during these last few days is ‘How do we make the most of it?”

Well we did some thinking and this blog post details some of our tips to make LS a truly memorable experience. Feel free to add you own in the comments!

Grand Council knows how to have fun at LS.
The main thing we can’t stress enough is be prepared and willing to learn new things. LS will be a whirlwind of information so make sure to keep you eyes and ears open. Collegians, talk with your roommates and other participants. You’ll never know when that invaluable leadership tip will come up in conversation.

Also don’t be afraid to take notes in sessions and ask questions. These programs are here for your benefit so do whatever you can to really learn from them. Plus, you might want some notes for when you go back to school in the fall.

Bring a camera. You’ll want to take pictures with Grand Council, during your fun Saturday adventures and with your new friends.

And lastly, the best way to make the most out of LS is to just try and have as much fun as possible. Because we all know, time flies when you’re having fun!

How are you going to make the most out of LS? Tell us below in the comments.

Monday, June 25, 2012

1851 Violet Circle

Have you joined the 1851 Violet Circle?

The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation’s 1851 Violet Circle is a special giving society designed exclusively for collegiate members of Alpha Delta Pi.  By making an unrestricted gift of just $18.51, each collegiate member who joins receives a special dangle to wear with her badge that symbolizes her membership in this giving society.
Have you previously joined the 1851 Violet Circle?  Then you will want to renew your membership because a new dangle is released each year! Undergraduate members are invited to give every year so that they can receive the current dangle.  This year’s dangle features a bar design with our founding year, 1851, and a violet.  However, you will want to get it before it’s gone because this year’s dangle will be retired on July 31!  Visit the Foundation display table at LS to get a sneak peek of the dangle that will be available starting August 1st for the 2012-13 academic year.

Foundation staff members will be at Leadership Seminar ready to accept gifts from collegiate members who wish to join the 1851 Violet Circleand to answer any questions you may have about the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation.    

If you’re not attending LS this year, you can join the Violet Circle by visiting

Are you already a member of the 1851 Violet Circle? Let us know in the comments below!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

LS from a LC's perspective

By: Andrea Farnan, Senior Leadership Consultant

This is it all began for us at Loyola Chicago! Here, Cristina Perez and
I are tabling on campus to recruit potential new members.

You know that feeling you get when you cant believe another school years over already? Surprisingly, it doesnt go away post-graduation! From attending last years convention in Arizona as a newly-hired LC to getting ready for LS as a Senior Leadership Consultant, its hard to believe how fast this year has passed.

Spending time with Loyola colony members at a
fun sisterhood event.

Graduating from George Washington University Alpha Pi Chapter - in May 2011, I couldnt wait to get started! Convention, summer training and getting to live at EO, and the first few visits flew by. I started my travels in Georgia, helping with recruitment and getting to meet chapter members at one of the most fun (and stressful!) times of the year. Despite having a million things to do to get ready for PNMs, chapter members still found time to take me on tours of their campuses and towns and share what they loved about being an ADPi. I will never forget one brave woman who told me ADPi was her only network of people who truly cared about her.

Standing with LC Cristina Perez, International President Ms. Tammie Pinkston, and LC Anna Kate Sumler at Theta Mus Installation Banquet where they got their chapters charter.

 I spent a majority of the year working with the Loyola University Chicago Colony. I loved working with the women who are now charter members of Theta Mu Chapter and the colonization process itself was an incredible experience. Having watched the sisters getting to know each other for the first time on Bid Day and knowing how close their sisterhood and leadership had become at the end of the year really shows how much can change over a year.
Next year, I will be working as an SLC with our Santa Clara Colony and am looking forward to another opportunity to help Alpha Delta Pi grow.  And about this year flying by so quickly? As they always say, time flies when youre having fun!

Getting to go to their end-of-the-year Formal was so much fun for me. I got to see all the hard work of the Director of Social Enrichment and other chapter leaders, as well as how strong their sisterhood became by the end of the year. Here I am with Staci, a freshman member. From cooking with her at RMH to hearing about her time this summer at leadership conference BE THE PERSON, I know she is one of the many sisters who will lead the future of Alpha Delta Pi!
I can't wait to be reunited with the other LCs, as well as, getting to know the incoming LCs better and catch up with some of the chapter leaders I have gotten to work with this year. I know what it feels like to start your summer with so much anticipation. I'm even going to be going through LS as a participant in Adelphean Compass for the first time.

If you see me at LS, be sure to say hi! I love meeting new sisters and you can follow my updates throughout my next year working for ADPi on Twitter at @AndreaFarnan.

[Editor's Note:] Collegians if think you might be interested in becoming a LC, be sure to attend the program Saturday night, aptly titled "So You Want to be a LC?"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

From IMPACT 2010 to Adelphean Compass 2012

By: Kathleen So, Chapter President of Psi-University of California, Berkley

Kathleen So, Megan Horst, Grace Handley and Jessica Cinardo pose
for a Diamond pic outside of Memorial Headquarters.

In the summer of 2010, my experience with Alpha Delta Pi was just beginning, but my love for this sorority was already well under way. I picked ADPi from the first day of recruitment. And as they say: when you know, you just know. (And I am so happy that I knew!)

Right away, I benefited greatly from the community within my Alpha class and I started my leadership in the chapter by becoming the co-gift mart chair. Once the end of my freshman year came around, I wanted more! I applied to represent Psi chapter at IMPACT 2010.

Megan and Kathleen at Executive Office.
That was probably one of the best decisions I've made since joining Psi chapter here at UC Berkeley. I learned so much, but more importantly, I met so many incredible ADPi sisters who helped shape my time with ADPi as well as my leadership abilities.

I learned a lot at IMPACT about what it takes to become an effective leader in ADPi. And we've heard it all before: communicate, delegate tasks, be professional, etc. But there are things that I learned personally during IMPACT 2010 that have helped me 2 years later, in my current position as Chapter President. I learned that personal outreach is very significant. Reaching out to every single member (no matter how big the chapter is) is an invaluable skill for a leader.

Think about IMPACT itself, there were over 600 women in attendance, eager to learn skills and advice to bring back to their individual chapters. During LS, IMPACT provided leaders who break us into smaller groups and helped get to the heart of each chapter's needs. How amazing is that?

I've worked hard to take that into account during my presidency so far. My door is always open and I have had several chapter women come to me with problems, suggestions, and sometimes just ideas! That is a great feeling for me as a leader of my chapter. IMPACT taught me to reach out to individuals and when they come to me, reaching out means giving them my full attention and supporting their thoughts. So when the women of Psi Chapter come to me with ideas, I know that they care so much about ADPi and they trust me with helping them develop their plans.

They found an Alphie!
The women at IMPACT 2010 (specifically in my breakout group), taught be the importance of turning to others for help. And I stuck by what I learned. When I had problems arise with Psi Chapter, I needed an outside opinion-- a fresh outlook. So I turned to the women I had met at IMPACT 2010 and everyone was so wonderful in helping me out. They offered the advice that they had picked up along their own way with ADPi. They told me what worked for their chapter and what didn't, but could work for mine.

And you know what? I learned that I was definitely not alone. A leadership position like Chapter President, can come with it's difficulties and frustrations. And these women, who were going through the exact same things, were there to help me! I turned to them. Being a leader means doing what you can do the best of your ability. To do that, you use all the resources you have.

IMPACT 2010 was the best resource I could've gotten to build upon my leadership in ADPi. Two years later, I am ready for Adelphean Compass 2012 and I have a wonderful Psi Chapter sister attending IMPACT 2012, just like I did. As a leader, and her sister, I am so excited to see what her IMPACT experience will be like and what she will take away from the weekend. My work with Psi chapter isn't quite finished. I have so much more to learn and take back with me. If IMPACT 2010 was any indication of what to expect for this summer, then I can't wait to see what's in store this time.

Another picture near the Memorial gardens.

What did you think of Kathleen's post? Tell us below in the comments!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rooming During LS

During Leadership Seminar, attendees will be paired with members of other chapters as roommates. For some, this might be stepping out of your comfort zone but don’t worry! This blog post is aimed at calming any potential fears you have about rooming and roommates.

LS is the perfect time to make new friends from
all over the continent!

First of all you have to remember, you’re rooming with another ADPi. As members, we all share the common bond of sisterhood. Plus, it’s tons of fun to hear about chapters from other parts of the country run. Maybe your roomie’s chapter is small and your’s large? Maybe they have deferred recruitment. These differences is what makes it fun, to gain a new perspective.

There’s going to be so much to do, you’ll barely be in the room! The days are jam packed with sessions and there is always something fun planned for the night, I bet the room will remain empty for large parts of the day.

Be sure to reach out and connect with sisters in you
One of the best things about LS is that it’s in the summer so no homework and studying in the room that might have happened during DLC, or at least no unopened text books taking up space on the night table.

Just remember everyone is here for the same reason, to learn and grow into a better leader and a better person. There’s no need to focus on the small stuff, just think about everything you’re going to learn at LS.

Here are some last minute tips to help keep peace in the hotel room.

Who's the diva who brought all
these bags?

Pack light- with multiple people sharing a small hotel room, space is tight and no one wants to be the diva with multiple suitcases overfilling the closet. Pack only what you will need for this weekend trip and try to bring the smallest suitcase you have (still leaving room for some Gift Mart goodies!)

Keep an Open Mind- Sisters will be traveling from all over the United States and Canada to attend LS. We might all be different but sisterhood is something we all share. Let’s all remember to keep an open mind and get to know each other.

Bring a Power Strip- with cell phone charges, laptop cords, hair straighteners and  curling irons, it could be an all out war for control of the few plugs. Become the #1 roomie by bring a power strip if you can. It’s not scientifically proven but I bet more outlets with create happier roommates.

Are you nervous or excited to room with someone new? Tell us below in the comments!


Adelphean Compass Attendees don’t forget to get started on your pre-work for Leadership Seminar.

This pre-work is vital and will help you make the most of the Adelphean Compass program. We suggest that you take your time and spend an afternoon completing the assignment, focusing on your self-reflection.  

The pre-work assignment can be found on Pride Online under the page "Adelphean Compass Pre-Work. With LS being a little under a week away we can’t wait to see how your pre-work is incorporating in the Adelphean Compass program.

Have you finished the Adelphean Compass pre-work yet? Did the assignment help you get excited for LS? Tell us below in the comments.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Atlanta + Summer + ADPi = One Incredible Pi-Tastic Weekend!

By: Jackie Mills, Co-Recruitment Director, District IV

Happy Thursday! My name is Jackie Mills, and I am a Co-Recruitment Director in District IV. This year, I will be attending Leadership Seminar as an International Officer (IO). Woot Woot!
I was a SLC during the last LS. Here's the
09-10 and 10-11 LCs with Annie Durant.

During Leadership Seminar, International Officer Teams, District Teams, and Committees/Subcommittees will have meetings, meetings, and more meetings! Being from all across the country, this is a fabulous time for everyone to come together face-to-face to train, share ideas, solve problems, and re-visit and set goals. Different IOs have different objectives for their collaboration times, but the most important goal is keeping Alpha Delta Pi first and finest forever!

In addition to overpacking (let's be honest!), most IOs are spending this week on last-minute details--organizing all of their officer information, finishing any projects or committee tasks, making lists of things to accomplish in meetings, and getting excited to see old (and new!) friends and meet with collegiate leaders.

I hope my blog posts from ATL next weekend will be filled with smiles and sunshine--and give you a) insight into what IOs do at LS, b) inspire YOU to be an IO someday, and c) love ADPi even more!

This is me and Theta Theta's first two LS attendees-Hannah Leech and 12-13 LC Mary Simeoli.

My Top Ten For LS (In case you were wondering...)

10. Teach the hotel staff ADPi chants

9. Share and discuss ways to improve Alpha Education on the Priority One TME Committee

8. Blog and tweet lots of fun updates from ATL (diamond explosion, anyone?)

7. Collaborate on action plans for chapter success with other District IV Team members

6. Avoid buying so much ADPi stuff that my luggage is overweight

5. Learn new recruitment ideas strategies--and have a blast with the other RDs

4. Enjoy a glass of sweet tea and a fresh praline (my Atlanta tradition!)

3. Sit next to a new sister at every meal (tweet me if you would like a breakfast/lunch/dinner buddy!)

2. Wear something blue, white, violet, or lion- or diamond-themed, each day  

1. Take a diamond photo with International President Tammie Pinkston (of course!)

 The 10-11 LCs and SLCs having some fun!

You can absolutely follow my up-to-the minute updates @JackieSueMills.

Have a question or want to add to my Top Ten? Go for it and connect away!

Another Contest!

It's exactly 1 week until Leadership Seminar and we’re so excited we’re continusing the fun before LS even begins!

Here at EO, we have one last key chain to give away from Sorority Spirit. Winners will be chosen at random and MUST be attending LS so you can claim your prize.

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your name, chapter and email address answering the question. Good Luck!

Which Gift Mart item is number 1 on your wish-list?

The contest will close at 2 p.m. on Friday June 22nd.

Good Luck!

Congrats to Logan, Beta Psi-University of Kentucky on winning the contest!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IMPACT Participants' Free Afternoon

Memorial Headquarters and Executive Office.

We’ve talked about Adelphean Compass attendees’ trip to Macon but IMPACT participants will also have some fun the Saturday of LS with a free afternoon.

Most attendees already know where they’re going to be embarking to on that Saturday. Alpha Delta Pi offered trips to Memorial Headquarters, as well as, to the Georgia Aquarium.

Here at Executive Office, the silver has been polished and all of our ADPi memorabilia prepped for the collegians’ arrival. Sisters meander from room to room seeing the history of ADPi. They can also see the portrait of Elizabeth Williams Mitchell, which was unveiled at last year’s convention.

The Georgia Aquarium
Those with a love of all things marine will be visiting the Georgia Aquarium, which is the world’s largest. Tropical fish, dolphins and jelly fish will delight visitors; maybe you’ll even spot an azure blue and white fish.

For those attendees who elected to not visit the aquarium, there are still tons of fun things to do around the hotel and Atlanta.

The Westin has both an indoor and outdoor pool, which would be a great place to break in your new ADPi beach towel you snagged from Gift Mart. Who wouldn’t love a little poolside nap before the awards dinner?

The Varsity restaurant in Atlanta.
For the more adventurous types there are tons to do in the city. There’s the Coca-Cola museum (Atlanta is the birthplace of Coke), The Varsity (An Atlanta institution for chili dogs and Frosted Oranges), The High Museum of art, shopping and more.

We do have to warn you, Atlanta traffic can be hectic sometimes. Be sure to leave yourselves plenty of extra time to prepare for any traffic jams and so you have time to get ready for the awards dinner. Because frankly, no one likes frantically changing in your hotel room, or even worse, missing the bus!

Are you going to Memorial HQ or the aquarium during your free period? What are you most excited to see in Atlanta? Tell us below in the comments!