Friday, July 6, 2012

See Ya in Dallas!

Some highlights from the 2012 Leadership Seminar!
Leadership Seminar was a successful weekend full of collegiate and advisor programming, as well as, International Officer and Grand Council meetings.

IMPACT attendees loved visiting Executive Office on Saturday while Adelphean Compass participants visited Macon exploring ADPi’s historical sites in the city.

Both collegiate chapters and alumnae associations were honored at the awards dinner Saturday night. Ninety-seven collegiate chapters were awarded the Diamond 4-Point award and 74 achieved the Achievement Award. Alumnae Associations had 65 Diamond 4-Ppint winners and 23 associations earned the Achievement Award.

If the excitement of awards wasn’t enough, attendees watched a skit from the CFDs and the HRDs. Grand Council brought down the house and finished the show showing all of the attendees why they’re our Dream Girls.

We hope all attendees had a marvelous time and learned a lot about Alpha Delta Pi and what it takes to be a leader (shout out Adelphean Compass and IMPACT).

See y'all in Dallas for our 2013 Convention!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let’s Go to EO!

By: Danielle Krabbe, IMPACT Attendee, Sigma-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Me in the room where Gand Council meets, sitting
in International President Tammie Pinkston's
 Lions and Violets and Diamonds OH MY! While attending IMPACT last week, attendees had the option to visit our Executive Office, and I have to say I am so thrilled I decided to take the trip! I could literally go on and on about my visit with my sisters, but I thought I would just share some of my favorite parts of the afternoon along with many pictures (because you know how we sorority girls are…we LOVE pictures!).

I was in awe pulling up to Memorial Headquarters. The neighborhood was cozy, the landscaping was impeccable, and the mansion was second to none! I mean, just take a look at it! It makes you proud to be an Alpha Delta Pi!

The Creed of Alpha Delta Pi.

A bible used by the Adelphean Society.

A portrait of Eugenia. Memorial HQ has portraits
of all six founders.
But enough about the outside, the inside is where all of the neatest Alpha Delta Pi trinkets are shown on display.   The front part of the mansion, Memorial Headquarters, was renovated in 2004, and it’s like a mini museum! Some of my favorite parts were the Bible, the Alpha Delta Pi Creed (obviously!), and antique badges worn by past prominent sisters. Being surrounded by so much sorority memorabilia really showed me how strong our history is and how close our sisterhood remains. 

And, of course, how could I forget the one and only Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald!?! Not only is she our most famous icon and the founder, but she is also the woman we all strive to become someday. 

When I asked one of the interns, Lindsey Rogers, Eta Upsilon-Wake Forest University, about her favorite part of Memorial Headquarters, she said she loved the illuminated map on the wall that showcased all the chapters in North America. Instantly, I had to go find my chapter on the map (shout out to Sigma!). 

Each light depicts where we have a chapter!

Another intern, Rachel Caltaneo.,Theta Gamma-Sonama State University, said living in Memorial Headquarters was like living in a museum. She spends hours in the library looking up the history of all the chapters! 
Me with Rachel, an intern living at EO.

Upstairs you will find the living headquarters for visitors and interns.  It has a boardroom for Grand Council (I felt like Tammie Pinkston!), bedroom for the summer interns, and spare bedrooms for visitors who spend the night.

Undoubtedly, there are prized possessions handed down from all of the past International Presidents. Don’t you think it would be awesome to spend a night in our headquarters? I know I would love to someday!

IMPACT attendees, looking at all the artifacts
and learning the fun history of ADPi.
 Through a walkway is the new Executive Office added in 2005. It has the offices for employees of Alpha Delta Pi and once again, more memorabilia. 

Debbie Black, Iota-Florida State University, the Office Services Manager, mentioned one of her favorite pieces was the music box bracelet from 1961. Imagine how heavy that would be on your wrist! In addition, photos lined the walls, including a picture dating from when we were still Alpha Delta Phi in 1911. 

Whew! Time flies when you’re having fun, and it was totally true at EO! One moment, the bus dropped us off and it seemed like five minutes later I was squeezing in one last picture with a lion.

I truly had a fantastic time at Executive Office and I am so delighted I got to go to EO with some truly amazing sisters!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reflections on Adelphean Compass!

By Tracy Carson, Adelphean Compass Facilitator

Adelphean Compass Facilitators

I start all of my therapy sessions by asking my clients what I call the “simplest yet hardest” question to answer: “How do you feel today?”  The responses could range from the effortless: fine, tired, or happy, to the intricate, which are more often than not filled with starting points for talking through whatever may be going on in a particular clients mind that day.  The point though is that the question has the potential to carry with it a lot of weight even in its elementary formation. 

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling like I could answer that question and talk for hours when I reflect back on my time as a Facilitator with Adelphean Compass.  (I suppose I am already doing that with my hubby... he could probably recount the entire experience moment by moment just having listened to me reflect for the last 48 hours!) I certainly do feel tired but I also feel inspired, humbled and incredible thankful.  Speaking this past weekend was literally a dream come true in my professional and personal goals and I can only hope and trust that it is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship serving Alpha Delta Pi and its members.  I can’t wait for the next opportunity. 

Me with Dawn Victor-Herring!
I spent some time journaling my thoughts to help me try and articulate how amazing the opportunity was to be a part of leading the future leaders of our sorority.  As a facilitator I recognized the great privilege it was to offer leadership and inspiration.  Leadership for all of us is a weighty task and I do not take it for granted for one second.  I will carry with me forever the look of your faces as you grasped a concept for the first time or constructed an idea to take back to your chapter, thank you for being “all in” this weekend!  I told you on Sunday that YOU have inspired ME and I repeat it again because you have. 

If you are missing the Leadership Seminar, the relationships you formed, and the opportunity to be fed mentally and emotionally than I encourage you to take some time to journal answering the open ended question, “How do you feel today?” as well.  It provides the emotional closure needed to move forward in strength as opposed to feeling empty and lonely.  Journaling without structure allows you to just write from the heart without any direction and you often find the answers you were looking for upon completion of that day’s entry.

I hope you continue to look through your participant guides before school starts this fall.  It’s so exciting to think about the potential for what you may do and I can’t wait to hear how you will apply what you have learned.  Remember what you bring to the table as a leader (Leading with SELF).  Create a VISION for the future and embrace the passions and values of others to gain sponsorship for that vision before you can cast the vision net wide.  Utilize the RELATIONSHIPS that support you and brainstorm how to encourage others that may be on the fringes.  And finally, Do What You Say You Are Going to DO!  Take ACTION and your chapter will never be the same!

I know I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my (twitter handle @tkcarson) and (tweet) me maybe!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Saturday Night Fever

By: Jackie Mills, Co-Recruitment Director, District IV

"We're your Dream Girls..." You know you want to sing along with Grand Council.

Of course, the best times at Leadership Seminar come when everyone--collegians, advisors, IOs, Grand Council--come together and celebrate!! Saturday evening was a ADParty in the 404!

Congratulations to all the chapters who won
the Diamond 4 Point award. (This is my fabulous
sister friend Janelle. I wish you could meet her!)

True story--ADPis love awards. Everyone had a blast cheering for chapters that received our Diamond 4-Point and Achievement Awards. From an IO perspective, it's so gratifying to see chapters you work with (even in a small capacity) be recognized for being, well, first and finest on their campuses. Congrats to all the winning chapters!!

Our sorority also recognized the Dorothy Shaw Leadership Award winners as well as the incoming and outgoing Leadership Consultants! (SO many outstanding leaders in one room!) Way to go, ladies!

The best part of the evening, though, was Grand Council's remix and dance performance of Dreamgirls. Love those wigs! Girls do just want to have fun, after all!

Final Thoughts From The Atlanta Airport

As I sit delayed in the Atlanta airport (imagine that--just kidding!) looking back this crazy/busy weekend, I am so thankful to have been impacted by fellow IO sisters who challenged me to strive to be a better IO.

Half of the 2009-2010 LCs! Me, Tara Fuller, Lauren Caldwell, and Julia Boisvert.
Love these ladies so much! Dallas, anyone?
My absolute favorite part of Leadership Seminar? Being reunited with some of the LCs who traveled with me in 2009-2010--they reminded me of what ADPi is all about! When addressing the IO Family, Ms. Pinkston said "We're here because someone inspired us." My LC sisters (and my IO sisters), past, present, and future, inspire me to stay involved and do all I can to make sure ADPi stays on top.

So, as you can see, that's why leaving any ADPi conference pulls at my heartstrings. Every. Single. Time. I know I come away a more passionate ADPi--and I know every other attendee does as well too!

Most of all--I hope you enjoyed a small sample of what IOs do at LS--and thanks for reading! Feel free to connect with me about anything/everything ADPi (and especially recruitment!) at @JackieSueMills.

And...until next year, smiles and sunshine!

IMPACT Highlights from Another Attendee

Some IMPACT attendees have been asked to journal their thoughts for each day of the program. Lynette Bordignon, Epsilon Mu-University of Northern Iowa,  has been writing in her journal this weekend. These are some of her thoughts about IMPACT, and only were edited for brevity. We hope you enjoy this emmerging leader's perspective. 
By: Lynette Bordignon, Epsilon Mu-University of Northern Iowa

Lynette outside of Executive Office.

Today was filled with so many new introductions and new ideas. Meeting new sisters from all over the United States and Canada has showed me so quickly that sisterhood is something that runs deeper then we could ever imagine. The common bond of ritual is really a great base that we can often time forget in sisters that are not in our personal chapters.

Making new friends at IMPACT.

Ice breakers, goal setting, and getting to know each other all of these things have led up to great hopes for what this weekend will bring. Understanding the basic structures of true leadership and the steps that lead to positive change really helps understand why sometimes our chapters may be lacking. When you see the whole equation it is very simple to pick out the pieces were our individual chapters may be falling short.

After a long day, a night full of fun and sisterhood seemed to bring us all even closer. Sharing songs, games and so many laughs not only with sisters but facilitators as well showed me how important we are not only as a bigger Alpha Delta Pi community the unity that brings us all together as Greeks.

Throwing what they know with International President Tammie Pinkston!

Today I was so impacted by the group discussion and presentation of “Remember Who You Are: You Are More Than What You Have Become.” Realizing the potential not only of the future but within yourself is something that we often fail to see. The realization that we are truly loveable and capable is something that every sister needs to be reminded of, and especially as a leader when the toils of life get you down.

At Executive Office.

We are all loveable and capable and this is something that I will take home with me and do my best to instill in my chapter. The free afternoon on Saturday was more than I could have ever dreamed, seeing Executive Headquarters and the history that makes us Alpha Delta Pi was truly amazing. The things we talk and learned about as Alphas and painted pictures of in our minds was right there in front of my eyes. I was truly overwhelmed and once again saw and understood the bigger world of being an Alpha Delta Pi.

Awards and being reunited with chapter sisters was fantastic, sitting as a province and seeing all the awards really inspired both my president and me. The pride of our own awards and the inspiration of seeing other sisters receive theirs was a fantastic moment to be apart of.


Awards Dinner!

The day has come to leave our ADPi haven, and re-enter the reality of the chapters and world in which we live our day-to-day lives. Though we are going back to those realities I was so moved to see that each of us saw a new reality full of potential waiting for us back home.

Sharing goals with all of the IMPACT attendees really reinforced that I now have a support group I could have never dreamed of. In the face of resistance we have each other. I am so thankful for the IMPACT experience; I would not the sister I am going to return to my chapter as without it. I would not have the hope, I would not be the dreamer, or have the ambition that I am full of after IMPACT.

Without IMPACT I would not be the sister I have the fullest potential to be. Leaving my new sisters was very hard, in 72 hours I have formed bonds that will last a lifetime and my Alpha Delta Pi world has been forever changed.

Saturday At LS: The IO Edition

In Other Words, How We're Working To Stay First & Finest Forever

By: Jackie Mills, Co-Recruitment Director, District IV

Yeah, we're kind of a big deal. We definitely took
over The Renaissance Concourse Hotel.
While some of our LS sisters were out exploring Macon in the sweltering heat (love the pictures with Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, ladies!), the six District Teams were hard at work at the temporary ADPi Headquarters on the 3rd Floor of Atlanta Renaissance Hotel. Quick highlights from behind not-so-closed-doors! Ha Ha!

Me and my new IO Bestie Barrie Jarret. She was
a fabulous roome-- even let me take up
half the closet. Ha Ha!

    1. Each of the six District Teams spent the day collaborating on everything from district-specific projects to chapter goals/expectations to Grand Council initiatives to throwing a baby shower and even having a candle pass! (Told you that IOs have a lot of fun!)

     2. In the District IV Team Meeting (and I believe this happened in all Districts), every officer introduced updates from their programming meetings on Friday and any changes that would be instituted in the coming year.

     3. In a new approach, all of the Districts used a matrix grid from corporate America to help identify chapter strengths and weaknesses. Very cool tool--and a neat way to merge professional strategies with volunteer responsibilities.

  4. I enjoyed hearing all the ideas and rapid-fire brainstorming that happened as our District Team tackled unique chapter situations or programming issues--it's amazing what a group of ADPis from across the country can do. Don't forget that!!

  5. I loved seeing how much goes on behind-the-scenes to makes sure chapters are getting the resources they need to succeed. It takes sure takes a ton of committed IOs, dedicated advisors, and motivated collegians to make sure ADPi continues to dominate!

So, if you ever wondered what IOs do on their days at LS, now you know!! Questions? Reach out @JackieSueMills

Sunday, July 1, 2012

IMPACT Highlights from an Attendee

Some IMPACT attendees have been asked to journal their thoughts for each day of the program. Carlie Lavin, Eta Nu-St. Louis University,  has been writing in her journal this weekend. These are some of her thoughts about IMPACT, and only were edited for brevity. We hope you enjoy this emmerging leader's perspective. 

By: Carlie Lavin, Eta Nu-St. Louis University 


Walking into the meeting room this morning I had no idea what to expect- I knew I was here with ADPi girls from across the country, but had no idea just how much in common that would give a group of 140 girls. Right off the bat I felt at home, talking about things like Ritual, Black Diamond, and philanthropy like I was with sisters from my own chapter.  The pride groups really helped me open up and we all were able to share so much common ground with ADPi. 

One of the best things I heard all day was, "You represent your sorority 24/7/365-- no matter if you have letters showing or not.". I think if everyone took a minute to think about that and maybe ask, 'Does this action positively represent the values of Alpha Delta Pi?' before doing anything, people outside of the Greek community would probably have a much greater understanding of what a sorority really is.  I'm not saying everyone has to be perfect every second of the day, but just to represent yourself well, to give your all to your work, and to have some decorum in any situation is what our Creed asks, according to my IMPACT Pride group, and I truly believe that, as well.


As I lay down in my bed (which is amazingly comfortable for a hotel, by the way!) after the second full day of the IMPACT conference, I am amazed at all of the things I have done, the people I have met, and the information and insights I have gained in the last 48 hours.

One of the most amazing parts of my journey so far was visiting headquarters with my sisters and seeing so much of the history upon which we are founded. To see the initiates of 1852's signatures, pieces of furniture from the original Adalphean Society, and even Eugenia and her co-founders' hair woven together brought me that much closer to this organization and made me truly appreciate the history behind it. I truly hope to be able to take back stories, pictures, and insights from my experience to my chapter and maybe doing a workshop on history and sharing things like the ideas behind the lighted map with each chapter represented to show my chapter that ADPi is so much bigger than just us as 150-some members. It truly is somethig that belongs to thousands of women who came before us, and all of the other women across the country that share our beliefs.

In addition to experiences like visiting headquarters, the people I have met this weekend have truly made me see the impact we each have on Alpha Delta Pi.  Each of us brings something to the table and adds a unique part to our chapters and our group as a whole.  I have met so many amazing women (and men!) this weekend, but the group that made the biggest impact on me was my Pride Group-- shout out to Pride 10! These girls showed me the true meaning of sisterhood when they immediately opened up with questions, comments, concerns, and ideas to present to our group. I think the thing I took most out of these conversations was the fact that every chapter has their imperfections, everyone can always strive to be better, but at the same time, we are all chapters of Alpha Delta Pi, we all have tremendous strengths, and are doing a lot of things RIGHT, and maybe we should all celebrate some seemingly smaller victories, which are all ideas I hope to share with my chapter.

The thing that I think had the biggest impression that was made on me this week was that of a message given at the Grand Council meet and greet by a member of Grand Council.  She told me that the most important part about being an ADPi is loving it... Loving the sorority, loving collegiate life, and living it to the fullest and to the best of our abilities.  I think if there is one thing I want to take back to my chapter it would simply be that-- we need to all enjoy the time we have as collegiate members of such an amazing organization with such rich history and tradition, not to mention the women still involved across the globe (not even the country by the entire world!!), and to truly live for each other in all that we do.  This weekend has really opened my eyes to what that truly means and I cannot wait to live it even more fully in my life, and share it with the girls I call my sisters.

The trip to Macon- From a Chapter President

By: Kathleen So, Psi-UC Berkeley

Me and Emily Brown, Eta Kappa-California State University,
San Bernardino at the ADPi Fountain.
Maybe it was the hot, sticky heat sitting heavy in the air, or maybe it was Mrs. Mannle's slow southern drawl flowing like honey from the bus speakers, but today we went back 162 years. Today, we had the privilege to see how our founders lived and spent their days as our sorority was just beginning. 

Me and Emily at the Cannonball House.
In the Adelphean Parlor at the Cannonball House.
Macon is where Alpha Delta Pi's story began and the strong history tied to the area is how our story continues. 

Our first stop was the Cannonball House which houses the replicated parlors of both ADPi and 
Phi Mu -- the first women's secret societies at Wesleyan College. (Phi Mu was founded in 1852.)

The Cannonball House is a traditional southern building with tall, white pillars, and covered in dusty, red brick. As we walked through the house, it was easy to see the deep history of the south that influenced everything from the displays to the extravagant accents in design. 

Hearing everyone's voices as they walked through the rooms, I felt like this must be how it sounded when our founders and first members met in the parlor. We were whispering and laughing together just like our founders did many years ago. Time has changed but maybe our sisterhood has not. 

And it was only appropriate that we pay a visit to the woman who started it all. As I stood in line waiting to visit Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald's grave, the site of our sorority's past, I learned about where my sisters were headed in the future. I met ADPi women from all over the country throughout this weekend and learned about their individual chapters, but this time I finally got the chance to hear a little bit about them personally. They told me about what they were studying and where they were heading in the future as we all enter our final year of college. And these wonderful women who I had just met...I was so proud of them. I am so proud to call them my sisters and to have spent this weekend with all of them. 

So when it came for my turn, to step up to Eugenia's gravestone, I knew I didn't have to say anything at all. I was wearing my blue IMPACT 2010 shirt from 2 years ago, and my ADPi necklace, and I was surrounded by my sisters from all over the country. I showed Eugenia: look how far we've come.

Our last stop was Wesleyan College. What a beautiful campus! Seeing all of us running around to see the buildings and the ADPi Fountain. I thought how exciting would it be if we all attended school here together,  like Eugenia and our first sisters did? 

It would be exciting. But what I learned most from this weekend is how powerful our sisterhood is. We have made an impact on our respective colleges and universities, and we're not done yet.We're just getting started. Through all of this, we continue to build bonds across schools, states and the country.

The trip to Macon was a great way to end this weekend at the Adelphean Compass Leadership Seminar. We learned so much in our sessions and visiting Macon brought it all home. We were able to see and remember where it all started, why we have our sisterhood and how it all began.

We are an important part of Alpha Delta Pi history as leaders and as sisters. Our foundation was built in Macon but we are building great chapters all around the country. We are experiencing, growing and living in ways that our founders could only dream about.

So maybe it was the laughing while discussing our results from the "color test", or sharing stories on the bus, or bonding with my sisters, but I am going to be sad to see us all go back to our chapters. It's alright though, knowing that we are all going forth and bringing new ideas and big lessons back to our chapters. Besides, we need to give Macon a chance to prepare for a new group of leaders, friends, and sisters.

So here's to my sisters who attended the Adelphean Compass and IMPACT Leadership Seminars this weekend.
Good luck to you this upcoming year and in the future. I am so proud of you!

We are the first, finest, and forever...and don't you forget it!

Awards Dinner Highlights

Last night, the Awards Dinner brought out the excitement in the hotel ballroom.

The Dorothy Shaw Leadership Award, as well as, the Ruth Pretty Palmer Panhellenic Award Reciepents were announced at dinner, over an amazing dark chocolate cake. Six Chapters were honored with The Elizabeth Mosley Coles Award, this award is given to chapters who exemplify Alpha Delta Pi loyalty, sisterhood, membership and involvement. 

Shelby Smith, Epsilon Tau-Middle Tennessee Tech University, was awarded the Foundation's Outstanding Collegiate Volunteer of the Year Award!

Ninety-seven collegiate chapters were awarded the Diamond 4-Point award and 74 achieved the Achievement Award. Alumnae Associations had 65 Diamond 4-Ppint winners and 23 associations earned the Achievement Award

The excitement continued with a fun skit from the Chapter Finance Directors and the Housing Resoure Directors. Grand Council capped off the night with a great musical number. They really are our Dream Girls!