Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reflections on Adelphean Compass!

By Tracy Carson, Adelphean Compass Facilitator

Adelphean Compass Facilitators

I start all of my therapy sessions by asking my clients what I call the “simplest yet hardest” question to answer: “How do you feel today?”  The responses could range from the effortless: fine, tired, or happy, to the intricate, which are more often than not filled with starting points for talking through whatever may be going on in a particular clients mind that day.  The point though is that the question has the potential to carry with it a lot of weight even in its elementary formation. 

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling like I could answer that question and talk for hours when I reflect back on my time as a Facilitator with Adelphean Compass.  (I suppose I am already doing that with my hubby... he could probably recount the entire experience moment by moment just having listened to me reflect for the last 48 hours!) I certainly do feel tired but I also feel inspired, humbled and incredible thankful.  Speaking this past weekend was literally a dream come true in my professional and personal goals and I can only hope and trust that it is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship serving Alpha Delta Pi and its members.  I can’t wait for the next opportunity. 

Me with Dawn Victor-Herring!
I spent some time journaling my thoughts to help me try and articulate how amazing the opportunity was to be a part of leading the future leaders of our sorority.  As a facilitator I recognized the great privilege it was to offer leadership and inspiration.  Leadership for all of us is a weighty task and I do not take it for granted for one second.  I will carry with me forever the look of your faces as you grasped a concept for the first time or constructed an idea to take back to your chapter, thank you for being “all in” this weekend!  I told you on Sunday that YOU have inspired ME and I repeat it again because you have. 

If you are missing the Leadership Seminar, the relationships you formed, and the opportunity to be fed mentally and emotionally than I encourage you to take some time to journal answering the open ended question, “How do you feel today?” as well.  It provides the emotional closure needed to move forward in strength as opposed to feeling empty and lonely.  Journaling without structure allows you to just write from the heart without any direction and you often find the answers you were looking for upon completion of that day’s entry.

I hope you continue to look through your participant guides before school starts this fall.  It’s so exciting to think about the potential for what you may do and I can’t wait to hear how you will apply what you have learned.  Remember what you bring to the table as a leader (Leading with SELF).  Create a VISION for the future and embrace the passions and values of others to gain sponsorship for that vision before you can cast the vision net wide.  Utilize the RELATIONSHIPS that support you and brainstorm how to encourage others that may be on the fringes.  And finally, Do What You Say You Are Going to DO!  Take ACTION and your chapter will never be the same!

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