Monday, July 2, 2012

Saturday At LS: The IO Edition

In Other Words, How We're Working To Stay First & Finest Forever

By: Jackie Mills, Co-Recruitment Director, District IV

Yeah, we're kind of a big deal. We definitely took
over The Renaissance Concourse Hotel.
While some of our LS sisters were out exploring Macon in the sweltering heat (love the pictures with Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, ladies!), the six District Teams were hard at work at the temporary ADPi Headquarters on the 3rd Floor of Atlanta Renaissance Hotel. Quick highlights from behind not-so-closed-doors! Ha Ha!

Me and my new IO Bestie Barrie Jarret. She was
a fabulous roome-- even let me take up
half the closet. Ha Ha!

    1. Each of the six District Teams spent the day collaborating on everything from district-specific projects to chapter goals/expectations to Grand Council initiatives to throwing a baby shower and even having a candle pass! (Told you that IOs have a lot of fun!)

     2. In the District IV Team Meeting (and I believe this happened in all Districts), every officer introduced updates from their programming meetings on Friday and any changes that would be instituted in the coming year.

     3. In a new approach, all of the Districts used a matrix grid from corporate America to help identify chapter strengths and weaknesses. Very cool tool--and a neat way to merge professional strategies with volunteer responsibilities.

  4. I enjoyed hearing all the ideas and rapid-fire brainstorming that happened as our District Team tackled unique chapter situations or programming issues--it's amazing what a group of ADPis from across the country can do. Don't forget that!!

  5. I loved seeing how much goes on behind-the-scenes to makes sure chapters are getting the resources they need to succeed. It takes sure takes a ton of committed IOs, dedicated advisors, and motivated collegians to make sure ADPi continues to dominate!

So, if you ever wondered what IOs do on their days at LS, now you know!! Questions? Reach out @JackieSueMills

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