Monday, July 2, 2012


Saturday Night Fever

By: Jackie Mills, Co-Recruitment Director, District IV

"We're your Dream Girls..." You know you want to sing along with Grand Council.

Of course, the best times at Leadership Seminar come when everyone--collegians, advisors, IOs, Grand Council--come together and celebrate!! Saturday evening was a ADParty in the 404!

Congratulations to all the chapters who won
the Diamond 4 Point award. (This is my fabulous
sister friend Janelle. I wish you could meet her!)

True story--ADPis love awards. Everyone had a blast cheering for chapters that received our Diamond 4-Point and Achievement Awards. From an IO perspective, it's so gratifying to see chapters you work with (even in a small capacity) be recognized for being, well, first and finest on their campuses. Congrats to all the winning chapters!!

Our sorority also recognized the Dorothy Shaw Leadership Award winners as well as the incoming and outgoing Leadership Consultants! (SO many outstanding leaders in one room!) Way to go, ladies!

The best part of the evening, though, was Grand Council's remix and dance performance of Dreamgirls. Love those wigs! Girls do just want to have fun, after all!

Final Thoughts From The Atlanta Airport

As I sit delayed in the Atlanta airport (imagine that--just kidding!) looking back this crazy/busy weekend, I am so thankful to have been impacted by fellow IO sisters who challenged me to strive to be a better IO.

Half of the 2009-2010 LCs! Me, Tara Fuller, Lauren Caldwell, and Julia Boisvert.
Love these ladies so much! Dallas, anyone?
My absolute favorite part of Leadership Seminar? Being reunited with some of the LCs who traveled with me in 2009-2010--they reminded me of what ADPi is all about! When addressing the IO Family, Ms. Pinkston said "We're here because someone inspired us." My LC sisters (and my IO sisters), past, present, and future, inspire me to stay involved and do all I can to make sure ADPi stays on top.

So, as you can see, that's why leaving any ADPi conference pulls at my heartstrings. Every. Single. Time. I know I come away a more passionate ADPi--and I know every other attendee does as well too!

Most of all--I hope you enjoyed a small sample of what IOs do at LS--and thanks for reading! Feel free to connect with me about anything/everything ADPi (and especially recruitment!) at @JackieSueMills.

And...until next year, smiles and sunshine!

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