Monday, July 2, 2012

IMPACT Highlights from Another Attendee

Some IMPACT attendees have been asked to journal their thoughts for each day of the program. Lynette Bordignon, Epsilon Mu-University of Northern Iowa,  has been writing in her journal this weekend. These are some of her thoughts about IMPACT, and only were edited for brevity. We hope you enjoy this emmerging leader's perspective. 
By: Lynette Bordignon, Epsilon Mu-University of Northern Iowa

Lynette outside of Executive Office.

Today was filled with so many new introductions and new ideas. Meeting new sisters from all over the United States and Canada has showed me so quickly that sisterhood is something that runs deeper then we could ever imagine. The common bond of ritual is really a great base that we can often time forget in sisters that are not in our personal chapters.

Making new friends at IMPACT.

Ice breakers, goal setting, and getting to know each other all of these things have led up to great hopes for what this weekend will bring. Understanding the basic structures of true leadership and the steps that lead to positive change really helps understand why sometimes our chapters may be lacking. When you see the whole equation it is very simple to pick out the pieces were our individual chapters may be falling short.

After a long day, a night full of fun and sisterhood seemed to bring us all even closer. Sharing songs, games and so many laughs not only with sisters but facilitators as well showed me how important we are not only as a bigger Alpha Delta Pi community the unity that brings us all together as Greeks.

Throwing what they know with International President Tammie Pinkston!

Today I was so impacted by the group discussion and presentation of “Remember Who You Are: You Are More Than What You Have Become.” Realizing the potential not only of the future but within yourself is something that we often fail to see. The realization that we are truly loveable and capable is something that every sister needs to be reminded of, and especially as a leader when the toils of life get you down.

At Executive Office.

We are all loveable and capable and this is something that I will take home with me and do my best to instill in my chapter. The free afternoon on Saturday was more than I could have ever dreamed, seeing Executive Headquarters and the history that makes us Alpha Delta Pi was truly amazing. The things we talk and learned about as Alphas and painted pictures of in our minds was right there in front of my eyes. I was truly overwhelmed and once again saw and understood the bigger world of being an Alpha Delta Pi.

Awards and being reunited with chapter sisters was fantastic, sitting as a province and seeing all the awards really inspired both my president and me. The pride of our own awards and the inspiration of seeing other sisters receive theirs was a fantastic moment to be apart of.


Awards Dinner!

The day has come to leave our ADPi haven, and re-enter the reality of the chapters and world in which we live our day-to-day lives. Though we are going back to those realities I was so moved to see that each of us saw a new reality full of potential waiting for us back home.

Sharing goals with all of the IMPACT attendees really reinforced that I now have a support group I could have never dreamed of. In the face of resistance we have each other. I am so thankful for the IMPACT experience; I would not the sister I am going to return to my chapter as without it. I would not have the hope, I would not be the dreamer, or have the ambition that I am full of after IMPACT.

Without IMPACT I would not be the sister I have the fullest potential to be. Leaving my new sisters was very hard, in 72 hours I have formed bonds that will last a lifetime and my Alpha Delta Pi world has been forever changed.

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